Where is Strayer University? Baltimore, University Of Maryland, VA

Where is Strayer University? Baltimore, University Of Maryland, VA

Strayer University, Where is Strayer University? Strayer University has 80 campuses located in all states of United States. Strayer University is Americano state university for higher education. Strayer University College located in Baltimore Maryland. The university established by Dr. Siebert Irving.

Strayer University Reviews

Strayer University has its headquater located in Virgina, Herndone. All other campuses are located in 24 states of US.  Strayer University provides both Graduate and Undergraduate courses. Strayer University has a competitive Cost range in compare to other reputed universities in USA.

Strayer University Online College

Strayer University provide online learning facility. The university has a website portal named as ICAMPUS for home based online learning center. Anybody from anywhere in the world can register for the course and attend the class and successfully finish the course. The learner need to submit the assignment given to them. These online classes are very convenient as you can take class at any time convenient to you. You can get day or night course as your wish.  More than five millions students get benefit from online distant learning process from Strayer.

Strayer University Accreditation

Strayer University is accredited to Middle States Commission on Higher Education which is also a Middle States association of colleges and schools. MSC is one of accrediating bodies for Universities in USA by department of Education.  Strayer University include graduate and undergraduate degree programs in the field of accounting, business, criminal justice, education, health, administration and information technogies.


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