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  Cryptocurrency has taken the online world by storm and for good reason. When Bitcoins first came into effect they were valued at a mere $5 per bitcoin. Fast forward 5 years to 2016 and now they are worth more than $600 per bitcoin. This surge in value is predicted to increase further for the foreseeable future so much so that all major banks are investing their resources into this field. Crypto Currency is the only solution to many of the issues we experience with regular payment methods. With full transaction traceability, military grade cryptography, low transaction fees, pretty much being available anywhere in the world and you can quickly understand why Cryptocurrency is becoming the preferred payment method online today. But, its not impossible.

Yes, I have found one site which is genuine. And we can expect that they would fulfill their promises and make us richer. Here are the list of Most successfully paying Sites that are totally Legit for year 2017 .
 1. MPA and MPCA
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** 100% withdrawable cryptocurrency commission on sale generation
** 0.01 btc Minimum Cash Out and
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** Quick Payments; Pay-out Requests Are Processed Every day!
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 2. Merchantshare
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** Top 1% Visited Company on the Internet, Rated by ALEXA
** Fully Return earned 150% of Your Money
** daily returns in the range of 0.25% to 2.25%
** 5% commissions instantly
** 30-day Money Back Guarantee, with no questions asked.
** Quick Payment

 3. Richmondberg
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** Get Free $10 for Signup
** Get Free $120 for Performing simple Task.
** Money-back guarantee
** 10% Referral Commissions
** 5% Second Referral Commissions
** Perform Number of task to get Extra Bonus Large auctions.
** Huge profit.
** Get 1.6% of the profit from your deposit daily. For life.
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